A Wasatch Voice

A Wasatch Voice is a thesis project that questions the motives of the ski resort industry in in the Wasatch Mountains. The Wasatch has historically been a range subject to utilitarianism and this project asks viewers and readers to be critical of that trajectory. What is our place in these mountains? In the West? In wilderness?

Read, watch, comment.

A Wasatch Voice recognizes that there are compromises made in these issues, but it asks its readers and viewers to stay involved. When we can make a difference in the decision to protect wilderness, it is our duty to do so. The opportunities exist. This project will help inform about these issues and those opportunities.

This project was created by Jack Stauss for his completion of a Masters of Science in the Environmental Humanities graduate program at the University of Utah.

The project would not have been possible without the help of countless others but here are a few that should be recognized: Jeffrey McCarthy, Nate Furman, Danielle Endres, Matthew Pothier, Carl Fisher, Jeff Niermeyer, Peter Metcalf, Andrew McLean, Mary Pendergast, Alex Schmidt, Brett Clark, Terry Tempest Williams, Brooke Williams, Amy Bronson and the 2016 Environmental Humanities cohort.