Relationship to Mountain Accord

Recently I showed the video at a dinner party. Afterwards a friend commented, “so this is pro-Mountain Accord.”

The stance in the essay and the video is not for or against Mountain Accord (MA). It understands that MA is, as Carl Fisher puts it, “the table around which these decisions will be made.” At this table sit stakeholders from every vocation and value set that work speak to or work within the Wasatch Mountains. It is a city and county effort. There are developers and fierce land advocates.

Because of these, all of these perspectives are represented in MA. It is our duty, and the work of this thesis to know which of those values we as citizens want to uphold. So through the ongoing work that the MA has created we must continue to petition and comment on the various components that we care about.

This is more clear in section five of the “full thesis,” entitled, appropriately “Mountain Accord.” Skip to that area if you are particularly interested in learning more about this on-going and important dialogue.

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