The process

Oh the video.

Early mornings, long days. My inadequacies as a first time film maker. Technical issues, gear, hardware, software, screen time. But lots of alpine time, lots of skiing.  Lots of amazing people.

The video’s strongest point is the interviewees. Their five lifetimes of diverse experience dealing with land, water, wildlife, and snow is amazingly inspiring and I am so glad they all were able to participate in the project. They make the message shine through. In actually setting up the interviews, I was put to task. I needed to engage brilliant professionals in front of the camera. I would like to thank Mary as she was first and as such, had to deal with my most amateur moments.

But thanks to Matthew he kept the camera rolling while I conversed. From the shots themselves to the answers I received, I am blown away by the stories and passion.

The production of the “wilderness” shots was equally as hilarious. Hauling camera and gear into the cold forests on at snowy dawn. We filmed snow crystals and vast arid peaks. I camped in Maybird Gulch under the Pfeiff and almost keeled over dealing with my heavy pack. It was eye opening and built a huge amount of respect for those that do this professionally.


When you see a truly beautiful shot in a film understand that a serious amount of work and sweat went into that. I will never watch a film, especially a wilderness documentary with the same eyes again.


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